True Insights into Your Team’s Morale and Well-Being

Working from home presents every one of us with specific challenges. Understanding how members of your team are doing has never been more important. Unique technology provides deeper insights based on the answers to open questions and uncovers what you might be missing. Track sentiment and monitor morale regularly, offer support and share top tips on how to create a happy home-work environment.

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Language Technology

Discover how team members truly feel by running deep language analysis and using unique technology. Get insights in what is top of mind among team members.

Stay connected

Check-in how your team is doing for support and team-morale. Invite team members to answer three open questions in the app and use the insights as a conversation starter in weekly meetings. 

Monitor health

Ensure that teams and individual team members get the attention they need. Discover trends and key changes across teams and members over time to identify areas for support.

Gather responses quickly and easily

Invite team members for a short and sweet digital survey with unique questions and pictures every week.

Insights you can use now

What is the overall sentiment of your team this week? Understand where your team is struggling or striving. Discover what is top of mind in your team this week.

Identify team trends and changes

Discover trends and key changes of your team’s emotional and physical state, their workload and family situation and compare these across your organization. Benchmark with other organizations.

Pricing Plans

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Start using MoraleMonitor for free when you have ten or less team members.

Our pricing plans are based on number of team members that you like to include in the weekly sentiment analysis. All analytics and insights are included in paid plans:

Overall team sentiment
Emotional, social and physical well-being team
What is top of mind among team members
Trends and key changes per week
Benchmark with other teams and companies

For large organizations we have special enterprise packages for which you can contact us here.


Team Members
€ 3.00
team member / week
14-days free. Then charged € 120/month


Team members
€ 2.50
team member / week
14-days free. Then charged € 200/month


Team members
€ 2.00
team member / week
14-days free. Then charged € 400/month


Team members
€ 1.50
team member / week
14-days free. Then charged € 600/month

How to get started

Step 1

Sign up

  • E-mail
  • Location
  • Credit card
  • Number of teams and team names

Step 2

Take the survey

  • Receive a unique link to MoraleMonitor survey for each team
  • Share survey with your team

Step 3

Receive insights

  • Receive your team morale and sentiment insights by PDF weekly
  • Share insights with your team

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive the MoraleMonitor digital survey?

You will receive a unique link for your team after subscription by e-mail every week. You can then further decide who to distribute the link to.

When will I receive the results of MoraleMonitor survey?

You will receive the results every Wednesday morning  built upon the number of team members that have taken taken the MoraleMonitor before that day.

How can I stop my subscription?

We don’t like to see you go, however, you can stop your subscription at any time by writing an e-mail to

Can I customize the questions in the digital survey?

We love to hear your feedback and ideas to improve our product. Please let us know via The questions in the survey will be standard to ensure you can best track and trace trends and changes over time.

Will you share my team data with other companies?

No, we will not share your personal nor team data with other companies. You will receive the results which you can share with your team directly.

Will I be able to identify team members that need extra support?

Yes, you will receive both aggregated data about your team’s morale, as well as individual insights on the emotional and physical state and workload of your team.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants to the MoraleMonitor survey?

No, there is not a minimum number of participants. The maximum number to run analysis per team is 15 to 20 to show individual results. For companies with multiple teams, we will deliver a unique survey for each team and insights on team level and aggregated results and comparisons across teams.

What do I get in the 14-days Free Trial?

Everyone can start using MoraleMonitor for free during the first 14 days, including sentiment analysis across teams, trend and key changes over time and how these compare to our external (industry) benchmarks.

What languages do you support?

MoraleMonitor is currently available in English and Chinese. 

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About MoraleMonitor

At Seedlink, we believe that true care starts with true interest. We created this application initially for ourselves to keep an eye on the morale and social wellbeing of our employees in this Corona crisis. It helps us, so we worked hard over the past two weeks to enable others to use it as well. 

Being a start-up in this extraordinary time, we look for positive projects to work on and develop new and unexpected partnerships. For this project we will team up with photographers to offer unique photographs and visuals in the App. Every week, we will provide new works in MoraleMonitor to brighten up the experience and team morale.